Spring is just around the corner and indicators predict a robust housing market!

Is your home ready to be listed "FOR SALE" with Yasenka Real Estate, Inc.?

 YRE untilizes proven industry strategies to determine the marketability and value of your property.

Following a few simple strategies will ensure that your home is 'market-ready'--that it will stand out from the competition and that it will attract  the serious buyer whose objective is to purchase a home in a transparent and professional manner.  Most importantly, these strategies will eliminate 'surprises' that could delay the closing process.

So, if you're tired of  'business-as-usual and serious about selling your home/property, contact YRE  for a free comprehensive evaluation (not a market analysis) of your home and explanation of YRE strategies.  Then decide for yourself if your home is ready to be listed"FOR SALE" with Yasenka Real Estate, Inc. 

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